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We are building a sustainable future through customer satisfaction, by rewarding end users for their website subscription, app download, or online purchases with eco-impact.

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Together, we are impacting the most critical areas of the world

We partner with globally renewed organizations to generate environmental action in the areas where needed the most 


As trees grow, they can absorb CO2 emissions as they grow, converting them into clean oxygen. As a result, keeping our forests could cut an average of 7 billion tons of CO2 yearly: equivalent to getting rid of every car on the planet. We partner with environmental organizations reforesting and rewilding.


More than eight million tonnes of plastic reach the oceans yearly, spewed via rivers, dumped along coastlines, or abandoned by fishing vessels. We partner with organizations picking up plastic from the most contaminated rivers and beaches in the world.

Save a sea
turtle hatchling

Turtles are known for being “keystone species,” meaning they have an essential role in the environment and with the species around them. Turtles are regulating the food chain significantly. Our environmental partners protect the hatchlings and clean plastic from sea turtle habitats.


Ecosystems like the Amazon rainforest, the Colombian Andes, and Galapagos are home to thousands of unique and irreplaceable species. These are the most important places we need to protect now. Our partners purchase and/or protect land for wildlife in Latin America and Africa

Carbon Offset

Carbon credits allow people and organizations to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions they can’t avoid by funding projects that reduce emissions elsewhere.

Coral reef

Coral reefs create habitats for marine organisms like sponges, snails, and clams. The reefs benefit 1 billion people on average through their ecosystem services. We partner with environmental organizations restoring the corals.

Protect marine life

Keeping our oceans stable allows for climate regulation, food, jobs, and economic progress. Our oceans have billions of irreplaceable species which we must protect. Our partners work on projects by restoring damaged habitats and picking up plastic.

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The carriers of the movement!

Our partners operate across multiple industries, generating an environmental-inclusive economy in a time that it’s so needed while improving their business goals.

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Let your members redeem their points to make the world better without leaving their chair!

Endless stock

We aggregate over 170 impact types from many different environmental organizations. Our algorithm assigns the impact globally, so no one is left behind.

High engagement with Gen Z and Y

64% of the new generation won’t support a company with poor CSR. They are generally more aware of environmental issues and more interested in rewards that promote sustainability.

Global availability

Every interaction is documented and has a quantifiable impact assigned to it. This increases transparency and allows better accounting.

Digitally available

Each impact certificate gets its unique status updates according to the impact made on the ground. Use its unique ID to track your effects from our website.

Greener company

85% of people globally have shifted their purchase behavior towards being more sustainable. Companies offering eco-rewards are more appealing to consumers, as these rewards help to differentiate the company from competitors and may be seen as a sign of the company's commitment to sustainability. certificate

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Your app can save our planet
Let's turn your app interactions into a positive environmental reaction

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When you schedule a meeting, we sponsor 10ft² of land for wildlife on your behalf

    Your business can save our planet
    Let's turn your business interactions into a positive environmental reaction

    Let’s talk!

    When you schedule a meeting, we sponsor 10ft² of land for wildlife on your behalf

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