In-game eco rewards

We are unlocking the power of digital games, by rewarding your players with environmental impact every time they achieve a goal in the game. 

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How it Works

Implement a new incentive for gamers to continue playing. We are taking your game to a whole new level


Empower players to casually save the planet through your games

Improve performance

Let players reach an in-game goal, achievement or target


Grant players a real-world environmental reward with a shareable certificate

Game on, Earth on

We partner with vetted and certified organizations around the globe to generate environmental impact where needed most.



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of ocean plastic

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baby sea turtles

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land for wildlife

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coral reefs

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of marine area

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Don't take our word for it...

Hear the real impact heroes!

Impact made easy

Allocating impact to where needed most

We aggregate over 170 impact types from many different environmental organizations. Our impact is global.

Shareable and trackable certificate​

Each impact certificate has its unique status updates. Your players can use its unique ID to track your real-time impact and share it on social media.

Flexible integration

No code or low code. We support your product with Manual methods, CSV uploads, JavaScript snippets, Zapier integration, and even a full-blown REST API

User-friendly platform

Keep track of your rewards for different users’ milestones. Our impact is cumulative and can always be accessed and tracked.

In-game implementation

Your game turned into eco-impact

We’re staying ahead of the curve by creating innovative in-game incentives that support a greener planet


Eco-rewards provide an additional motivation for players.Their playtime is converted into eco-activities.


When players realize that playing the game earns them eco-rewards, their excitement levels rise! They become driven to return and keep playing, eagerly transforming their play-time into positive impact.


When you give, you get back. Bind environmental impact into actions your players can earn from, like reaching a milestone, and watch how your players thank you for that.

Return dormant users

By showcasing this new innovative feature through marketing efforts or push notifications, dormant players are more likely to return to the game.

Brand recognition

Your players will love their ability to positively impact the planet by casually playing their favorite games, and your brand recognition will skyrocket.

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Your app can save our planet
Let's turn your app interactions into a positive environmental reaction

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    Turn game interactions into a positive environmental reaction

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