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“Our past, our present, and whatever remains of our future, absolutely depend on what we do now.”- Sylvia Earle

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Sea turtles are known for being “keystone species,” meaning they have an essential role in the ecosystem. Turtles are regulating the food chain significantly, which means that instability for them equals instability for the whole food chain related to the turtles. They are also one of the most ancient creatures on Earth. Preserving them has a cultural, spiritual, and historical value.

Keeping the beaches clean is vital for saving sea turtle hatchlings, as they can confuse plastic bags and pellets for food, microplastics can attract toxins for the nests, and the turtles can get caught in fishing gear that breaks off at sea.


Saving sea turtle hatchlings is done in many countries around the world like Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and Ghana. If you would like to see all our action locations, please scroll and check our locations map.


Our partners are working in more than 15 countries and on approximately 40 beaches. Funding goes to projects for protecting nesting beaches,  removing plastic from turtle habitats, and educating the public about these species. 

The impact is made all year round. However,  in Central America, our partners can impact the most from March until June due to the sea turtle migration. Our support goes to protecting nesting beaches and removing plastic from turtle habitats. 


We partner with reputable conservation organizations like SEE Turtles, Karumbe, and Paso Pacifico, who have a track record of impact and use metrics such as the number of turtle hatchlings saved, survival rates of hatchlings, and the number of nests protected to follow their conservation efforts. It is also possible to check your eco-impact via your certificate and know where the impact is being made!

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