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We are all sea creatures in a way. We’re all dependent on the ocean, even if you’ve never seen the ocean or thought about the ocean- Sylvia Earle

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Preserving coral reefs is essential as they act as a buffer for shorelines and coastal communities, create habitats for marine organisms, and provide an economic value of approximately $16.1 billion annually under healthy conditions. Coral reefs also play an important role in marine biodiversity, with an estimated quarter of all marine species dependent on them for their habitat. They benefit directly or indirectly the livelihoods of around 1 billion people worldwide.


Our marine protection efforts are done in Israel, Honduras, Hawaii, Spain, and Indonesia. You can check our map by scrolling up to check all our locations of impact. 


We support four main impact angles: 

  • Removal of discarded fishing gear and marine debris: Volunteer diving team and improved management systems for Marine Protected Areas are used to remove lost fishing gear and debris.
  • Monitoring hazards and creating a database of areas that need to be treated: Environmental partners regularly monitor hazards and create a database of areas requiring treatment. Specialized equipment is used for removing marine hazards, and they are removed from the seas.
  • Operating in areas often overlooked for ghost nets: The campaigns to remove ghost nets involve survey dives, mapping, underwater monitoring, and gathering information on site to develop a work plan.
  • Acquiring patrol vessels: Our partners use patrol vessels for missions and campaigns in Israel’s maritime area to carry out various operations. We support the operational costs.


We work with vetted and certified impact partners, ensuring the highest levels of transparency and reliability. Our partners are releasing reports, updates, and news regarding the impact done. Via your certificate of action, you may also track the progress of your marine protection.

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