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“The extinction of species represents the most serious and irreversible loss of biodiversity. It is a loss for humanity.” – Jane Goodall

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Protecting wildlife is essential to maintaining Earth’s biodiversity and a stable food chain. It is needed to ensure that different species of animals and plants continue to exist and to protect the ecological processes that support them. 

Additionally, wildlife is connected deeply to different types of communities and cultures worldwide, making its protection indispensable.


All of our projects take place in habitats that are critical areas of our planet. We’ve supported projects in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Our projects aim to protect large portions of land that are rich in biodiversity. If you scroll to the beginning of the page, you can find our map with the locations of action.


We support two types of projects: land purchase for protection and conservation efforts in public areas with rich biodiversity. For purchase of land, our partners work with local communities and government agencies to identify and acquire important land for wildlife. Funding goes to land acquisition of threatened habitats, whereby collaboration with local stakeholders is established towards protection of biodiversity, heritage, and culture.

When the land is not purchased, funding goes to protecting and restoring land for wildlife by establishing new protected areas and national parks connecting migration routes and corridors so that endangered species can thrive again. Additionally, the purpose is to support projects that cost-effectively store and sequester vast quantities of carbon and convert agricultural fields into regenerative agroforestry.

We ensure that all of our partners have a strong track record of successful land acquisitions and conservation projects. To finalize the projects entirely, our partners work with local stakeholders who are experts in the lands purchased to create strategies for their long-term sustainable development. Additionally, we vet all organizations we partner with to ensure their financial management and provide regular reports on their activities and impact.

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