World Snake Day

World Snake Day on urges increased awareness of the wide variety of species around the world and how humans can help to protect them. 

Conservation of Mangroves Day

Mangroves protect coastlines from erosion, they regulate flooding and buffer storms, provide nursery habitats for fish and can store large amounts of carbon dioxide. The International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem is to raise awareness of the importance of mangroves as a unique, special and vulnerable ecosystem.

World Tiger Day

It is an annual celebration instituted with the aim of raising awareness about tiger conservation. The date was adopted in 2010 at the Tiger Summit held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and it is crucial for the conservancy of this wonderful species.

World Lion Day

This celebration of one of animal kingdom’s most majestic creature was founded by Big Cat Rescue, the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats, dedicated to their preservation. 

World Elephant Day

The annual World Elephant Day is dedicated to the preservation and protection of elephants throughout the world. This majestic animal symbolizes strength, wisdom and good fortune.

World Wolf Day

On International Wolf Day we want to highlight what role wolves have in the ecosystem, and how we can work towards a sustainable future to coexist with this species.

World Orangutan Day

This event is to help encourage the public to take action in preserving orangutans. Their habitat loss has been significant due to deforestation related to palm trees.

Honey Bee Day

Given that bees have an imperative role in the highly important processes of pollination, their looming worldwide extinction has awarded them supreme attention. The World Honey Bee Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the bee’s numerous advantages and their necessary protection.

Preservation of the Ozone Layer day

Our goal is to protect the ozone layer, a thin gas layer in atmosphere that shields the Earth from harmful sun radiation. Therefore, its protection is crucial.

International Ocean Cleanup Day

Promotes country-scale organized and individual cleanup events to prevent plastic from entering the ocean. Keeping the ocean clean is crucial for protecting ocean biodiversity.  

National Fox Day

The red fox is an omnivore, eating both meat and vegetation, depending on the season.  A fox has incredible sight, smell, and hearing which helps it find prey in long grasses, and even underground and under snow.

Zero Emissions Day

Zero Emissions Day is was established in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008 with the idea to give the world a break from fossil fuels and to raise awareness about the harm caused by carbon emissions. One day a year, people worldwide attempt to minimize or eliminate their use of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal.