Eco-rewards to boost engagement

We are enabling the planet’s recovery by rewarding your users with environmental impact when reaching a goal.

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How it Works

Engage with your users at a whole new level


Encourage users to perform an action in exchange of an eco-reward

Improve KPIs

Take performance to the next level and start boosting engagement and retention


Your users will receive a real-world environmental reward through a shareable certificate

Together, we’re transforming engagement

We partner with vetted and certified organizations around the globe to generate environmental impact where needed most.



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of ocean plastic

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baby sea turtles

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of wildlife habitat

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m2 of marine area

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Protect coral reefs

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Don't take our word for it...

Hear the real impact heroes!

Impact made easy

Shareable certificate & trackable impact

Each impact certificate includes its unique status updates according to the impact made on the ground. Use its unique ID to track your impact from our website.

Simple integration

No code or low code. We support your product with manual methods, CSV uploads, JavaScript, snippets, Zapier integration, and even a full blown REST API

One contract, hundreds of options

We work easy. Our one contract approach gives you the simplicity of a unified point of contact and a single agreement for all environmental activities.

User-friendly platform

Keep track of your rewards for different users’ milestones. Our impact is cumulative and can always be accessed and tracked. certificate

We are backed by data

People are looking for brands with a purpose, not just a product

Climate positive

80% of your customers are eager to leave a positive impact for future generations.


66% choose to purchase based on eco-friendliness. Engaging with environmental rewards builds a positive brand image for the company


By rewarding your monetization tools, like a purchase, a lead, UGC, or even watching ads, you can expect your conversion rates to soar.

High conversion rates

89% are more willing to support companies supporting philanthropic causes. Customers who value environmentally responsible practices are more likely to support and work with a company that aligns with their values

User acquisition

77% of consumers say a sustainability focus increases customer loyalty. Environmental rewards can differentiate a company from its competitors, which can attract consumers who value environmental practices

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Your app can save our planet
Let's turn your app interactions into a positive environmental reaction

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When you schedule a meeting, we sponsor 10ft² of land for wildlife on your behalf

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