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Use an app that partnered with


Achieve a goal that rewards an eco-impact


Get a personal certificate with the impact location


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150+ ways to impact

Conducted by vetted NGOs and local impact agents

Micro units, major impact.

Brand engagement turned into micro eco-units, results in major eco-impact

Earth-healing economy

The new economy is participating in the healing of the planet

Selected Eco-Units

Micro eco-units for a micro transactional economy

+150 eco-units

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We offer over 150 different impact types, so rest assured that the right eco-unit suitable for your audience is part of our impact suite.   

We understand that such a wide variety can sometimes become hard to choose from, so we offer a few methods and tools to find and connect your app to the impact that will be the most engaging for your audience.

Case Studies

Read why our partners decided to work with us

A 50 million downloads game, introduced the first social game that is planting real trees as part of the in-game economy.

Already planted over 100k trees in Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest

House Of Fun, Playtika

Environmental games studio, using as its impact allocation solution.

Planted over 10K trees globally

Ethical Wizards Studios

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