Corporate eco-gifting

We are enabling the Earth-healing economy, by turning client success into a positive environmental action

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How it works

Interact with your clients at a whole new eco-level 


Capture your clients’ appreciation by incorporating eco-rewards in your business culture


Celebrate a client success, big win, or meaningful holiday


Our integrated platform will grant your client a shareable and personalized real-world environmental reward

Together, we’re celebrating clients

We partner with vetted and certified organizations to generate environmental action in the most critical areas of the world. 



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of plastic

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baby sea turtles

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ft2 of wildlife habitat

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m2 of marine area

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Protect coral reefs

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Don't take our word for it...

Hear the carriers of the movement!

Impact made easy

Shareable and trackable certificate

Each impact certificate has its unique status updates. Use its unique ID to track your real-time impact from our website.

Flexible integration

No code or low code. We support your product with manual methods, CSV uploads, JavaScript, snippets, Zapier integration, and even a full blown REST API

One contract, hundreds of options

We work easy. Our one contract approach gives you the simplicity of a unified point of contact and a single agreement with our environmental partners.

User-friendly platform

Keep track of your rewards for different users’ milestones. Our impact is cumulative and can always be accessed and tracked.

Eco-club dashboard

We’re turning client success into an eco-movement


Our environmental rewards can be redeemed globally and help retain and attract customers worldwide while increasing the value and engagement of clients.

Endless stock

Environmental rewards are not limited and can be replenished over time, offering not only a sustainable, but also a long lasting solution.

Digitally available

Our eco-rewards are easily accessible online, and can be redeemed through smartphones, bringing accessibility and comfort to a new level.

Brand recognition

Differentiate from your competitors through your commitment to environmental impact and attract new clients.

Climate positive

Companies offering eco-rewards are more appealing to clients as this is seen as a sign of the company's commitment to eco-action

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Your app can save our planet
Let's turn your app interactions into a positive environmental reaction

Let’s talk!

When you schedule a meeting, we sponsor 10ft² of land for wildlife on your behalf

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