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we add a positive environmental reaction

We are a platform for harnessing your favorite games, apps, and websites into rapid environmental change.

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How it Works

Generate environmental impact in 3 simple steps


The more you use integrated apps the more impact you'll make

Reach a milestone

Reach a goal, place a purchase or make an achievement


Your app will grant you a real-world environmental reward generated by

Together, we’re enabling a better world

We partner with vetted organizations around the globe to generate environmental impact where needed most.
Together we’ve enabled the following:


Our partners plant trees where we need them the most. They work in more than 40 countries and focus on the most critical ecosystems.

492,872 lb
of ocean plastic

Our partners work with local river and coastal communities. They give them incentives or hire them to help collect plastic or build river plastic barriers.

baby sea-turtles

Our partners protect essential nesting beaches worldwide, end the tortoiseshell trade, and educate people about these species.

Land for wildlife

Our partners work in key areas of the world called biodiversity hotspots. These ecosystems are home to thousands of unique and irreplaceable species. These are the most important places we need to protect now.

Carbon emissions

CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is produced mainly by burning fossil fuels. It is the leading cause of climate change. We work through renowned carbon registries like Gold Standard and Verra VCS.

Hear them out!
The carriers of the revolution!

Our partners operate across multiple industries, generating an environmental-inclusive economy in a time that it’s so needed while improving their business goals.

Backed by tech

We’re utilizing technology to enable a better planet

Allocating impact to where needed most

We aggregate over 150 impact types from many different environmental organizations. Our algorithm assigns the impact globally, so no one is left behind.

Better impact accounting

Every interaction is documented and has a quantifiable impact assigned to it. This increases transparency and allows better accounting.

Tracking the
impact progress

Each impact certificate gets its unique status updates according to the impact made on the ground. Use its unique ID to track your effects from our website.

Many ways to integrate

No code or low code. We support your product with Manual methods, CSV uploads, JavaScript snippets, Zapier integration, and even a full-blown REST API. certificate

Daily actions turned into eco-impact! environmental rewards have a business sense.
Here are some reasons for any business to join the environmental inclusive economy


With environmental rewards, your users love you more and more, are willing to spend more time on your app, and increase their interactions.


When your users know that your app gives away environmental rewards, they are more enthusiastic about returning to your app.


By rewarding your monetization tools, like a purchase, a lead, UGC, or even watching ads, you can expect your conversion rates to soar.

User Acquisition incentivize your customers, the impact makers, to share their impact and tell more about your environmentally inclusive product. And it works. Many of them share it and generate organic traffic to your app.

Brand Reputation

While this might sound obvious that people love environmentally inclusive apps, it is also data-backed. By working with data collection tools, we saw time after time how environmental rewards are boosting brand scores.

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